Friday, May 31, 2013

She'd Fly Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease

So, um... I quit my steady job of 5 years to work on my favorite food truck.

I don't really have a good explanation for this, in fact mentioning it to people has earned me plenty of sideways/confused/skeptical looks, but... I had to do it. I had to leave my old life behind and join the circus, there was just no other choice.

Figuratively speaking of course - Image credit

You know that feeling you get when you know you have to jump on an opportunity even if it makes no logical sense? It's a kind of pounding in the heart, a weightless heady spinning sort of inside tingling like a Spider-sense. I try my best never to ignore that feeling, I've had some of my best times in life because of that feeling, and some of my only life regrets so far have been because I've ignored it. I've been to New York, San Francisco, Bonnaroo, Culinary School and run two half marathons because of that feeling, I've met Jack White, Issa Rae, and the most unforgettable (though not always long term) boys because of this feeling (and against my better judgment), so I've learned at this point that while I may be able to make most of my life choices with my Capricorn analytical, calculating, tightass, emotionally removed mind, if I want to have a truly happy life, you know, from my insides, I'd better listen to the Spider-sense.

So I'm being ridiculous, I'm working in a mobile kitchen with no air conditioning sweating through my clothes in the 90+ degree Tennessee heat, I'm driving all over Nashville and Franklin to a different place every night. I'm tethered to my cell phone in case the week's schedule suddenly changes, I'm working under a highly passionate wildly sociable artist who changes the menu week to week, and I'm wearing my chef whites to weddings. It is an illogical, seemingly random choice, it's wildly changeable and it's the most fun I've had since I was 17.