I am Desiree/Magar/M, I'm a blissfully squishy girl of 25, a largely self taught photographer, and foodie. I'm currently in school pursuing a degree in the culinary arts while working as a line/prep cook on a food truck in Nashville. My cooking style is a bit unpredictable, I'm a bit of an obsessive cook and when something fascinates me I will wrestle with it for days and weeks tweaking recipes and trying new things until I feel like I've finally got it right. In the last few years I've also come to discover a passion for photography and food styling and I find The Full Woman to be the lovely space where my obsessions meet.

Most of the pictures on this site were taken with my Cannon Rebel T3i, ( aka "my infant son") though pictures before February 2012 were taken with a point and shoot Sony Cybershot DSC-S780.

If you have any questions, comments or love sonnets you'd like to send me you can contact me at 



  1. first, cool blog :)

    best regards

  2. Desiree - I'm not sure if we're supposed to do this yet, but I got your biscotti...and it's flippin' amazing!! Like "I just ate 2 pieces and then another 1" amazing! Thank you SO much! Loved the little card too - such talent!

  3. hummmmm....do I see a bakery food truck in your future? Hope you'll visit our sometime soon. www.yourdishisourcommand.net Tremendously enjoyed reading about you, your blog, seeing your pics, and seeing your smiling face ! Dream big !


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