Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Tennessee Flavors"

"Opry Clusters"

A few weeks ago my culinary program had their annual fundraising event called Tennessee Flavors, $50 bought you access to an entire building filled with tasting tables from restaurants, bakeries and breweries all over Nashville.

The culinary students came by before the event to help set up and assist vendors and some of us supernerds showed up early in the morning and stayed all day long helping to prepare desserts for the NSCC tasting table (can you spot my contribution?). I was soooo nervous to work with people I didn't know, baking food for a real event but I got over it pretty quick once I got in the kitchen.

"Mooney Pies"

Flourless Chocolate Brownies

Raspberry Mousse in chocolate cups (left) Chess Squares (right)

At some point during the night all the students got to take a break and sample some of the marvelous food at the tasting tables. I of course couldn't resist and brought my camera.


 It was an amazing experience, super fun and we had a great turnout. All the food was heavenly and so diverse. I can't wait to do it again! I ended up staying until late into the night after the event to help clean up too and boy did I sleep like a corpse when I got home!