Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"On The Road To Insufferable" or " Say, Have You Done Your Homework Yet?"

I am becoming absolutely, ridiculously, crammed full of food knowledge. And I'm not just talking about school. No, this is a self induced condition, and for some reason I just can't help myself.

It started out innocently enough, I was just peeking at some gluten free flour prices on amazon.You know, the moon rocks. But somehow, and I don't quite remember how this came to be, I am now living in an apartment with a  digital food scale, a digital SLR camera and about 30 pounds of gluten free flours. 

I have a problem, I know.

It's this insanely counterproductive way I have of coping with stress; I become obsessed with learning really involved other things when I find myself absolutely swamped with work. I say "other" because it's always something that will not help me with my main task in any way. You'd think that at a time when my life is very busy (quite possibly the busiest its been in years) I would want to maybe spend any free moment just relaxing, you know, watching X files reruns with my eyes half open while reciting all the dialogue. But instead I find myself cultivating a list of strange hobbies - gluten free baking, dairy free baking, ratio baking, manual dslr photography and imperial to metric weight conversions (in my head) - with X files on in the background.

Because apparently, I love pain.

To make things worse, even though I'm talking about this ( you know, laughing at myself) I'm still completely lost in the madness. Don't let me fool you.

The recipe I made today isn't only gluten free.

 Oh, no. 

It's flourless. 

Yeah. Because we're doing that now too.

I find myself wondering if I'll drop dead come the end of the semester; brain grown too large for its container. 

But then again, that could just be the X files talking. 

Either way it does sound like something I might want to google... you know... because there could be something there... to learn about...


You can find the Flourless Brownie recipe here

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  1. a lot of people i know are into smart food nowadays. i'm starting to be convinced that it really doesn't make a difference -- between the conventional way of preparing food and unconventional ones -- because the real test is in the taste anyway. i just had a moist chocolate cake hours ago and i find your baked cake nice to look at LOL


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