Monday, March 28, 2011

Mother Nature You Heartless Vixen

I find myself in the midst of a pickle. And I use the word "pickle" because it's a funny word to say. Spring (or so it seemed) came early this year and for three heavenly weeks we Nashvillians enjoyed sunny days with temps in the high 60's, beautiful spring blossoms and even a butterfly or two.
  I had my suspicions (as I usually do) that it was only temporary, but as we started off week number four (a whole month!) I became drunk on the idea that Spring was here to stay and spent a entire afternoon buying, re-potting, and meticulously arranging a 9 pot garden on my balcony. Herb garden! Tomatoes! Wind chime! Dirt!

This was apparently exactly what mother nature had been waiting for, no less than a day later ( ONE DAY!) it decided to get freezing cold again with a weather advisory "30 degrees tonight, better bring those plants inside" and I of course was super pissed.

 Okay okay, I'll drag my plants inside. Just for one night, right? Er... or maybe 6 more...

So my living room is basically a rain forest these days. Plants are scattered everywhere, not a clear space to do much of anything. My cooking table is all covered up and so is the floor. My food adventures lately have been a bit hindered but, it can't stay cold forever, right?

The upside?

1) I've been taking this window of time to dabble in the world of gluten free(dom?) to see if it'll handle my spring induced skin issues (woot). Might even try out some gluten free recipes once my plants move back outside. Jessy I'm looking at you!

2) I managed to take some pictures of the lovely blossoms before they wilted away (see above). It helps with the pining for warmer weather to have evidence of how it was once here and therefor will be again.

3) My apartment smells amazing with eight different herbs all waving hello with leafy hands and wafting their earthy scent into the air when the heater kicks on.  And they're sort of cozy all grouped together this way, like they're getting to know each other. Talking plant gossip. When it gets here (finally) it should make for an interesting spring.

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