Monday, July 4, 2011

"What's That You Got There...?" or "Katy Perry Made Me Do It"

 Happy 4th of July Everybody! I celebrated by running a 4th of July themed 5k this morning and could not resist wearing an obnoxious outfit.

The view from behind the wheel.

Mostly apples, oranges and chocolate milk for my celebratory Independence day meal (post race freebies), but it's nice to be different sometimes. Some crazy wind rolled in towards the end of the race and made my pinwheels go insane! There are some strong storms due to blow in this afternoon too so I'll plan to watch the local fireworks (if they happen) from my balcony (with a side of pizza and beer).

How did you celebrate?


  1. lol that picture of you in the pose with your fist up in the air is pretty frickin awesome imo.

  2. i'd love to do a themed race like this!

  3. They really do make the miles fly by, you'll find yourself tired and sweaty and look over and see a guy in a monkey suit and start laughing so much you forget you were tired.

    I'm excited to do the Halloween one they have in October


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