Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"The Pale Green Pants With Nobody Inside Them" or "My First Night as a Sex In The City Girl"

It's my first night as a single woman. Well sort of. My boyfriend is out of town for a week leaving me alone in the apartment we share for the very first time. Ever. I'm an old fashioned girl of sorts. A late bloomer and all that. I lived with my mother until I was 19 and didn't have many thoughts about the brave new world until my boyfriend came along and I moved in with him. At the time our apartment was about 5 minutes walking distance from where I lived before so nothing really changed. No big deal. However now my boyfriend is out of town, my mother has since moved from my childhood home and I find myself drinking the beers leftover from the 4th of July just to keep from worrying that someone is going to bust though my front door because they somehow know I'm all by myself. Side note, two days after Independence day, when people still aren't over the novelty of firecrackers (that sound like gunshots to a paranoid person ) probably wasn't the best time to try this out.

 Much like when you're a kid at a sleepover, the morning time hours weren't so bad. I busied myself with my new hobbies and celebrated the wonder of solitude by learning all the words to Adele's "Someone Like You". I belted it out about a million times. Why my neighbors have not burst through the walls to throttle me is a still a mystery. Maybe I'm just really good. Or they're not home yet. I prefer to think it's the first one.

It's more the darkness and the solitude that gets my crazy nutbag juices going. But on to more interesting things. My new hobby by the way is the poor man's version of lomography which I've just decided I'm totally in to. In fact I think I spent the half of the day I wasn't singing Adele songs, on Flikr looking at lomography pics. That is after I read the wikipedia article about what it was in the first place. The only problem is I'm pretty sure it doesn't officially count a lomography if you don't own a Lomo camera (and I don't). But the basic idea is using a film camera (because retro is always in style) and playing into its limitations to get a sort of hipstery effect. So with that idea in mind I formulated my poor man's version. I have in my possession a minolta freedom II, a wonderful point and shoot film camera from the early early 90's that my mother took our baby pictures with, that I saved from the trash (I think for sentimental reasons). 'Why the trash?' you ask? Well sometime in the late late 90's it decided to start double exposing pictures for some unknown reason, and seeing as we were embarking on the digital age that made it more suitable for trashing than for repair. But. Now that we're in the lomographic age (yeah  I went there) double exposure is a sought after effect SO I'm using that to my advantage. Or at the very least that's what I'm trying out. At this point really we'll see how it goes. It took me an hour to figure out how to load it with film (yeah I know, laugh it up) I went on google, youtube, yahoo answers and could not figure out what the problem was. It simply did not want to take a roll of film. Right around the time I hit the hour mark of fooling with it I slapped the side of it in an act of desperation and magically the film loaded. Yeah. I'd kind of forgotten it was 20 years old and held together with dust. Of course you had to give it the Arthur Fonzerelli treatment to make it work.

Hopefully the pictures will turn out but honestly, who knows. If not it's back to beer and Adele songs to get me through the night in this big empty place. With no boys, no sun,  and nobody to hear you scream...


  1. The lampshade is divine! <3 I love the print!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. Isn't it great? I got it from Target a couple of years ago and even though I didn't have a lamp tall enough for it I just HAD to buy it. I just couldn't resist.


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