Monday, July 25, 2011

"Fair Goodness Cake!" or "What Will Surely Be The Cause Of My Death"

Chocolate Ice Cream with German chocolate cake pieces, and coconut caramel swirl.

I want to write a love sonnet to this ice cream. I honestly do. I had time to take about four bites on this fabulous new flavor before I headed off to work and I loved it so much that I made a point of picking up a second pint on my way home just so I wouldn't run out. It is FANTASTIC, and a wonderful return to form after a few sort of 'meh' flavors Ben and Jerry's has put out lately. I'm not even a supreme fan of German chocolate cake and it still made me consider putting this flavor on my list of top ten favorites. In a way, it's like the Inception of ice cream flavors. It's an ice cream that is German chocolate cake flavored, with chunks of German chocolate cake inside. Dream within a dream. Taking this one too far? Maybe.

There are aspects of this creamy delight that really just make me feel like I'm eating all my favorite flavors at once. Like Karamel Sutra/Phish Food/Oatmeal Cookie Chunk/ Brownie Batter swirled together in a magnificent orgy of flavor.Yes I said orgy of flavor . Go with it.

Try this flavor! It is the poop of angels. The poop of angels.


  1. Oh no. I hadn't seen this flavor yet and now I'm screwed! I love german chocolate cake but you don't see it in ice cream mixes very often... running to the store now...

  2. hey Full Woman! Found you through 100lids, this is my first time venturing into the world of bloggers and it's great to see how many ice cream fans there are, especially Ben & Jerry's woohoo!!! Check out the flavors we've tried over the past decade+ at our by fans for fans page here:

    Happy scooping and blogging!


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