Thursday, August 4, 2011

"How Many Margaritas Is Too Many?"

I put to you this question, just how many brownies consumed is cause for concern?

I'm not one for food guilt (moderation is my game) the day I fell in love with baking I resigned myself to the idea that diets and I were not meant to be. However I'll confess, I do have a problem with brownies.

Baking up a pan of brownies when there are only two people in the house is a dangerous game. You know how much damage a single brownie can do, ( don't try and do the math, reality is not welcome in the brownie world) and yet here you are in a house with many more than just one or two.

So what's your move? Do you close your eyes and stop counting? Clean them out and blame your boyfriend? Facebook stalk your Zumba teacher?

New solution ; black bean brownies. Yeah I know. 

They're gluten free, protein packed, and high in fiber so you can totally eat them while reading Runner's World

And the upside, you won't have to guess about when you should stop. There are black beans in there, it'll be easy enough to figure out.

Black Bean Brownies

Fresh off the crushing defeat of disaster cake, I tried to modify this recipe to accomidate what I had on hand (caster sugar instead of agave, coco powder instead of instant coffee) and while it turned out okay I'd still reccomend following the original recipe for the best results.

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  1. I love your writing style--humorous and honest! Congrats on a great blog.


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