Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"I Am an Attractive, Intelligent, Confident Biscuit Woman"

I've been in kind of a funk lately, not the serious kind, just a sort of "Dear Life, I hate your face. Sincerely -Me" type of funk. This feeling comes around every now and then (usually after ladybusiness strikes) and I feel like punching myself in the face because I know there are people in the world with real problems but I still can't seem to get over myself.

The main issue (in my head at least) is the feeling that the life I'm currently living is a waste of my time and that I'm actually meant to go travel the world, swim with the sharks, and have torrid affairs in Versailles*. But really (logically) if this was a regular option wouldn't (you/I/we) be all over it already? 
"Travel the world you say? Nah I think I'll sit this one out"

My usual fix for this ridiculous funk is to sweat it all out in a zumba class, but inconveniently (ironically?) my favorite teacher just stopped teaching and left town to travel the world with her husband.With the sharks. In Versailles.

Yeah, okay maybe not with sharks but still, this is soo not helping my crazy head situation. 

This calls for some carbs.

I'm a weirdo, you know this. But something I've found to be a wonderful stress reliever when my head is all crazy is to somehow get my 'tudy self wrist deep in flour and butter. It's something about the squish and the temperature... and the squish. I don't know. Usually I go for pie dough (it's so buttery) but Joy's recipe for Cheddar Black Pepper Biscuits might just place as my current dough squish favorite. Also, they're delicious, tall and flaky.

The general experience of baking bread whether I'm upset or not lends itself to a peaceful mind, it sort of empties my thoughts into my fingers through the action of kneading the dough. It's like hands-only yoga (or boxing depending on your mood). If I'm in a good mood I get giddy, if I'm in a bad mood it uplifts me, and if I'm in a really bad mood... I make two batches.

Confession: this was a two batch day.
 But guess what? I totally feel better.
P.s. Thanks Joy

Other things currently soothing the savage beast(breast!)

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?

*= with my boyfriend(Hi!)


  1. Carbs sound like the perfect solution to me! And to further comfort you, your zumba teacher won't be having torrid affairs if she's gone with her husband... so really what's the point? She'd be much better at home eating cheese scones.

  2. I'm not a biscuit type of girl, but gosh darn those look delicious!!

  3. You are a hoot!! so glad I found you through Smitten Kitchen - signing up to follow you - don't travel the world cause these scones are amazing and I would miss your cooking!!
    Mary x

  4. Baking and carbs fix just about everything! Hope you are out of your funk ASAP!

    Katie x

  5. Great blog! I'm a bread freak so these biscuts
    will become part of my arsenal of favorite recipes.

  6. Ooh weird, I just made biscuits last night. Actually, I made biscuit dough, and then used it to make Apple Slump. But anyway, yours look delish.

    It's okay to be in a funk. But it's also okay to sell all your possessions and travel the world. People do it all the time. Well, not ALL the time, but it's been done, and probably by people not half as quick witted as you.

  7. I am also a big biscuit fan. These here look delicious.

  8. These look perfect and homemade is so great as all the tubed biscuits have trans fat even now *tsk tsk*. Sorry about the funk, things took a bit of a dip here lately, too. Hope you feel tip top soon!

  9. Great blog. I like the idea of diving with sharks but when I really had the chance to do it, I chickened out!! So it has to be back to bread making to get me out of a mist. It's all that kneading! GG


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