Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Like Gingerbread Houses For Lazy People"

I've gotten really into s'mores lately. I know it's totally the time of year to focus on things like buche de noel and gingerbread houses buuuuut here's the thing. They are soo much work. Okay fine. You're right. I don't know anything about buche de noel (other than it sounds fancy. Buche!) but I do know this, gingerbread houses are out.

You know why s'mores are better than gingerbread houses ( I honestly keep typing gingerdread houses)? Because you can eat the whole thing without any of that worry about destroying beauty because there's melted marshmallow all over everything anyway.

I know, join me on this one.

Okay, all right, I don't hate the idea of gingerbread houses. They are in fact very lovely works of edible art buuuuut, here's the trouble; when you make a gingerbread house it usually goes one of two ways.

1) you are in the first/second/third grade making a gingerbread house out of random candy with a milk carton of questionable hygiene as a base, and in the end don't actually eat any of it (because really, ew!).


2) you're a crafty artist type and you meticulously blueprint, bake up, and assemble an entirely edible masterful work of art that you then destroy by eating. Or you don't eat it at all (ever!) you just leave it in your house to act as a temporary air freshener.

Weird. It's just weirdness all around. People, don't waste candy. Make s'mores. This is happening.

I know right now that you're thinking of s'mores as a boring one trick pony for summer camps and 9 year olds, but dream with me a little. You know that urge you have to play with the Christmas candy? It is more than welcome here.

There are endless ways to dress up s'mores, it's much more than just marshmallow and chocolate. Think Reese's cups, think Andes mints, think pretzel twists. Oh yeaahh.

Want a little more hands on? Make your own graham crackers!  Feeling saucy?  Cut them into some fun shapes (I went for a button design).

What's that? No open flames around to toast your marshmallows? Make friends with your broiler (you won't be sorry).

Wash it down with some milk, drag out your favorite board game and you've got yourself one totally relaxing winter night.

Gingerbread houses.... pffft...


  1. Oh. My. Lord. I think you may be my long lost older sister. I am one of those people who are completely addicted to marshmallows. And, um, reeses cups. In other words, this is beautiful. I actually was just eating smores the other day, and if anyone mentions them being out of season, um, hello, since when do marshmallows go out of season? And I love the idea of making your own graham crackers, because it can be hard to find good gluten free ones, and your button shaped ones are so adorable. (Cute as a button?) Thanks for another great post.

  2. Totally delightful as usual! Merry Christmas!

  3. ROUND graham crackers! Yes! This totally eliminates the whole "too much cracker, not enough marshmallow" part of s'mores made with square graham crackers. Plus, they are super cute!

  4. Gretchen you are so right, the round shape changed everything! I got the inspiration from moon pies (which are basically tarted up s'mores anyway)

  5. OMG so adorable, Love, LOVE these- super creative!

    Couldn't agree with you more about the Gingerbread Houses- what is the point? haha a giant temporary air freshner - that line definitely cracked me up :-)

  6. Oh those look soo good! I didnt bake any gingerbreadcookies this year. I just went crazy on the chocolatmaking this year. Or last, becouse its 2013 now.
    I totaly going to find your adress right now and write u a letter. So sorry for the delay, just thousands of things going on.
    Hope you have a great rest-of-the-week!


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