Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Looking For The Campfire Light" or "Eating The Oatmeal"

The savory world is being mean to me. I'm trying to stay true to my word backflip into the healthy, salty, green and leafy but I haven't quite got it down.I miss my comfort zone, I miss baking and I NEED A BROWNIE STAT!

The thing about baking, and doing it well is that once you get cozy you start to really know what does what, and why this is in there and after a point you can just eyeball a recipe and figure out if it's going to be worth your time.

My problem with salty stuff is I have no radar ( at least not yet) for jolopy recipes. Honestly sometimes I think I'm actually a magnet for duds. Like the recipe I tried today from Food Network Magazine, I should have known just from looking at it that even though it said including meat in the soup was optional, it totally wasn't. But instead I was charmed by the idea of a bean-noodle-kale soup and kept on trucking even though
my nose told me that nothing was going on in there.  Always trust the nose.

The upside is that is wasn't nasty or anything, just sort of boring and meh, and it's relatively veggie loaded and healthy so even though I will be eating bison for diner for the next year it shouldn't do too much damage.

Hopefully one day I'll look back on this post a seasoned skillet of a cook and laugh at myself (while eating Coq au Vin).

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