Monday, September 19, 2011

"Oh Snap It's That Time Again" or "# 62... Schweddy Balls"

Vanilla Ice cream with a hint of rum and loaded with fudge covered rum and malt balls

I was ten in '98 but don't judge me. There's a 90% chance that the night the Schweddy Balls/Delicious Dish sketch (Season 24 Ep 9) originally aired I was fast asleep in a bunk bed, completely unaware of Snl or double entendres or Alec Baldwin. But believe me I caught up. If you fast forward four years you'll find me deep in a Jimmy, Tina, Lorne obsession that dominated my Saturday plans for the duration of my teens. The fact that NBC made the glorious decision to air dusty reruns of SNL late into the wee hours only fueled the fire and eventually I had watched the entire back catalog of SNL episodes all the way to the start in 1975. Weirdo? Me? Totally.

Ben and Jerry's lately has been in my brain, it's almost like they've sent spies out to follow me and suss out just what exactly would be the perfect new flavor to make my heart flip flop. If they come out with a Doctor Who flavor, you'll know for a fact that this is exactly what's going down, until that day this is just a theory.

But back to the Schweddy Balls.

"They're made from a secret Schweddy recipe. No one can resist my Schweddy balls."

Usually when there's a new B&J flavor I have some advance notice, like an email, or a facebook notification, or a ray of light from heaven letting me know that my life's quest may continue. But this time, nothing. In fact I wouldn't have known about this flavor at all if hadn't been standing behind a guy with a fresh icy pint of it sitting in his grocery cart at my job. I totally geeked out. Like full on. I had to stop myself from snaking this guys ice cream as he left by telling myself surely there was more left in the store and p.s. stealing a customer's ice cream is probably a really embarrassing way to get fired. And arrested.

So skip ahead, this ice cream? Delicious. It tastes like a Dairy Queen dipped cone deconstructed, only nix the cone and add malted milk balls. What's that you say? Barftown?  I know. I'm pretty sure the world is divided on whether or not malted milk balls are the most disgusting thing on this planet or the most delicious. But if you think that they're gross I'm totally with you. But don't worry, something about being frozen and surrounded with ice cream and rum infused chocolate globs makes them about a 1000% less grody. In fact they seem a bit more crispy, and almost toffee like. If that still doesn't float your boat,  there's not a ton stuck in there, they're intermixed with these little boozy hunks of chocolate shell that are almost like junior mints or milk duds without the filling inside.

Final words, I dig this flavor.  It might not make my top ten but even with the malted milk balls it passed the test and didn't last more than two days in the freezer.
And P.S. if in the future they come up with a flavor for Schweddy  Wiener they just might win my life long admiration.

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