Thursday, July 5, 2012

"A Party Of Special Things To Do"

We had a marvelous ( and marvelously hot) 4th of July. I started the morning off right with my very first 10k race. I'll admit I sort of regretted signing up to run six miles in July once that horrible heat wave hit us (and everyone else) but I was determined to finish what I started, even if that meant running six miles in the blazing Tennessee heat while secretly hoping/dreaming/praying the heat would let up just long enough to finish the race. No such luck though, when I toed the start line at 8am it was about 86 degrees, and it only climbed higher as the minutes passed. I'm not going to lie, even with a bottle of ice water in my hand there was a whole lot of shameful sweating, walking, and side holding going on, but I finished in a respectable 1 hour 9 minutes.

Since this was my very first 10k (and this is serious business) I decided to give the pinwheel boobies a miss this year (though I was pining for their air conditioning powers about halfway through the race) and just stuck a giant star spangled bow on the back of my head that threatened to launch me into flight most of the race.

 After a shower and a nap, we headed over to my mama's house for a good old fashioned 4th of July barbecue (she hosted, I cooked). There's currently a burn ban in our county because of the heat wave and wildfires so the "barbecue" the menu sort of morphed to accommodate our limitations. The menu; sloppy joes ( instead of burgers) pasta salad, green goddess potato salad ( recipe to come) lemon-limeade, dairy free key lime pie and dairy free chocolate cream pie ( scandalous recipe also to come). Yes I made two desserts. It's the most important meal of the day! Invite me to your house and I will prove this to you.

We ended the night by watching the distant downtown fireworks from our balcony window all curled up and cozy with a cool drink in hand, which I must say sometimes is much much more fun than wrestling the crowds.

How was your holiday?


  1. I'm sort of sad you didn't do pinwheel boobs, but I understand! It seems like you had a wonderful holiday.. and I am looking forward to your recipes! <3 Gabbie

  2. It was hot in western NY too! We went to my mom's house also, which was nice because they have a pool, but not so nice since they don't have a/c or fans or a breeze. So once you were out of the pool you were hot. Looking forward to your recipes...glad you had a great 4th and congrats on your first 10K!


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