Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pasta with Baked Tomato Sauce

Okay so in a way I'm cheating with this one. I technically made this for the first time last week around the same time. Because a) I needed something to take to work for lunch and b) it's my Monday back at third shift and I can't really sleep. Also this recipe is ridiculously easy, or rather it should be. I somehow have a problem concentrating on ridiculously easy tasks it seems because this is the second time I've made this dish and the second time I've tried to ruin it. Last week when I found the recipe I was admittedly sleepy when I started but seeing as there was nothing else to eat in the house (nothing else I wanted to eat) I decided to suck it up and try my best anyway. However laziness got the best of me and I didn't bother to clear a place for anything at all which proved problematic when I had a boiling pot of noodles on the range and a hot dish of sauce in the oven and no place to combine the two. I also tried to knock the freshly strained searing hot noodles onto my back when I took the sauce out of the oven with a rag that was way too thin but the noodles fell in the sink and not on me which is a blessing... I guess.

Anyway today's antics came by way of multitasking and further proof that you really shouldn't try and do anything else ever while texting. I decided to be a maverick and add a second cheese ( Asiago again!) and an extra garlic clove to the recipe to spice it up, but became too lazy to grate the second cheese (the parmesean was in a bag already grated. Don't look at me like that it's all they had for some reason)  and just chopped it. I must have gotten lazier still because as it turns out, I was way too lazy to chop the garlic too since I forgot completely and put it in the oven without a single clove. Somewhere about 15 minutes in I discovered my mistake and in an act of desperation chopped two cloves and tossed them in there for the last five minutes which of course did nothing.

All things cooled there were cheese globs and garlic islands but in the end it's noodles, tomato, and Parmesan, and it's pretty impossible to make anything worse than passable here. It tasted fine. I won't starve at lunch, and I foresee a third raucous round with this recipe soon.

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