Thursday, October 14, 2010


The internet was pretty unhelpful when it came to defining exactly what you'd call the dish I made earlier today. The problem is it's some of that gray area item I was cooking with. Because really almost any egg dish can have the exact same ingredients and be called all kinds of things. Depending on how fancy you are or your mood, an omelet is a quiche is a custard is a frittata. Traditionally what you call an omelet is beaten eggs cooked flat with some filling in the middle, a frittata is whipped eggs baked/broiled fluffy with some filling mixed in, a quiche is an egg and cream custard, baked in a pie shell with some filling mixed in.

What I made was whipped eggs only (no cream) with filling (diced ham, mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, spinach, onions and a dash of cumin) mixed in, baked in a pie plate with no crust. Internet says it's a crust-less quiche but I'm thinking the Larousse Gastronomique would call it a frittata.

I'm thinking American bastardization of food is the reason why I can't figure out exactly the definition.

Anyway the point here was well 1) to clean out my freezer and 2) to let my mind and hands wander in the kitchen. For some reason that's been my mood all week. None of the recipes I've been looking at have really been rocking my socks so I've been itching to get in there and just fuck it up my own way. And honestly it's refreshing to find how many fancy seeming dishes are really just as easy as scrambling eggs. First lasagna and now the quiche. Sure they're things you could buy in the frozen food section at wal-mart but it's still pretty awesome to add to the list of dishes you can pull out of your ass at a moment's notice. And that's kind of cool. It makes me feel all chef-y to not have to pull out a recipe to cook up something.

And by the way, it was delicious.

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