Monday, October 11, 2010

(What turned out to be )Yellow Cake with Nutella Fudge ganache and a few reeses

Pretty dishes aren't really my area. In fact I'll be honest and say that at this point I'm pretty much terrible at making thing look delicious. My passion really is flavor.  In fact I spent sleepless hours pondering how to make this cake taste absolutely toe curling. Three days, some tears and nightmares later I'll say I think it was a success

Let me start by saying I was sleepy, I'm pretty sure every step of the way here. I was sleepy when I volunteered to do this, when I bought ingredients for a completely different icing then I had the intention of making and when I decided that the cakes had baked level enough that I shouldn't have to bother with leveling them with a knife before I frosted them.

Yeah. I know.

Needless to say this whole thing was a debacle. This cake just didn't seem to want to get along with me. Sleepiness aside I even baked the cake in advance in case anything terrible happened like say, oh I don't know, you bake two cakes in the same oven at the same time at the same temperature, meticulously rotate and check for done-ness and one of the two falls for no reason at all.

Hm, can't imagine that happening.

moments later a giant hole appeared  right at that crack
Oh, wait.

*Wah wah*

I cried to my mother about it. What should I do? what if the cakes sinks in the middle when I'm finished?
"Oh just fill that shit in with frosting, that's what it's for. It's only cake."

Sounds good to me, until....

 I made the sour cream chocolate icing,  and it came out a little too boston cream pie-ish for what I wanted. Not that there's anything wrong with boston cream pie (believe me there isn't) but it doesn't really have that classic yellow cake/ buttercream birthday taste I was expecting. So I decided to alter it to suit my tastes by adding Nutella. Why Nutella you ask? Why not nutella, is what I always say. Well really, I just grabbed the first no-fail chocolately substance I could find and nutella and I have always had a good relationship. I have never once regretted adding it to anything so far and I think that's more than enough reason to dump an entire bottle of it into my sour cream icing. Don't you agree? No? Well... it's what I did anyway.

It didn't turn out being a terrible move actually. In fact as I expected Nutella makes everything better, the only problem was now the icing was the thin syrupy texture of nutella and refused to stay on the cake and fill in that giant cavern between the two cake layers that I hadn't bothered to level off.
What was I to do? I couldn't exactly take the top layer off and go hacking away at the middle portion now that everything was all slimy with chocolate.

Think think think.

Hey remember when I bought a bunch of ingredients for an icing that wasn't this one? In that fateful grocery bag was the second ingredient that never fails to make everything better : Reeses.
Quick chewing gum fix with some mini cups and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LET'S CUT THE CAKE BEFORE ANYONE LOOKS TO CLOSELY- I mean...uh... MAKE A WISH!

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  1. This is the kind of recovery operation I undertake all the time when I'm baking! I'm glad I'm not the only one things like this happen to.


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