Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feta Cheese Turkey Burgers with sweet potato fries on Peter Reinheart's buns

So far November has basically been a wash, it's the later part of Autumn and mostly it's just rainy and crappy during the day.And Really all it's made me want to do is stay inside and eat hearty food that reminds me of summer and good times. So when I discovered this recipe for Turkey burgers over at Erin's Food files I knew this was just the thing to make me feel better. Funny thing is, as soon as I got all ready to make it, the sun came out.

But I had plans to be fancy and make my own hamburger buns from a recipe in Peter Reinheart's Artisan Bread's Every Day ( a book I discovered and had a brief love affair with this summer) and since everything in that book takes at least 8 hours to ferment in the fridge I was pretty much determined to finish what I'd started yesterday and kept on trucking with my burger plans.  And while my little buns were proofing on the kitchen counter I went for a stroll in the five minutes of sunshine and took a few pictures.

The recipe I used here was supposed to be for Hoagie rolls even though there is a good recipe in this book for hamburger buns. I honestly would have used that recipe if I hadn't discovered late last night that I only had 1/4 cup of soy milk in my fridge. Desperately flipping though the book to find a enriched bread that only called for 1/4 cup of milk I stumbled upon this hoagie roll recipe and halved it to make it though the pinch. and I'll say honestly other than being just a touch too dense for burger buns I think the swap worked out okay.


The burgers were a little tricky for me. Not because the recipe was hard (it wasn't, it's about as bare bones as it gets) but mostly because I'm such a novice at cooking meat. It's weird, I'm not even picky about meat or scared of it or anything I'm just naturally a carb feind and 70% of the time I cook anything there usually isn't any meat included. So believe me when I say this was my first time cooking burgers. I tried to keep a watchful eye and not be too flip eager but I still ended up with a few pink spots here and there. I didn't freak out though, just popped them in the microwave until my meat thermometer measured 170. What's that? Why didn't I use this handy gadget before? Oh where's the fun in doing it right the fist time huh? Real answer? Meat novice.

 As for the sweet potato fries, I might as well just confess, I didn't make them. They were frozen. See, I've been reading and reading about sweet potato fries but I never tried them. They aren't really that common a thing around here so it's not like I've seen them around and just ignored them, they just sort of slip my mind until I see the next person raving about sweet potato fries. And honestly, they're not wrong. They are awesome! At the very least these were. And they had some crazy chipotle seasoning on them to play of their natural sweetness and add an extra tang to that salty carby crunch. Next time I promise I will be good make them from scratch. It's not like I'll have a choice anyway, these things are so heavenly I'll be surprised if I don't sleep walk to the freezer tonight and eat the whole bag.

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  1. What a coincident! :) Here in sweden we're all about the saffron buns and the ginger bread come christmas time, haha! They're sweet pastries. And I think that if you have time you should google a recipe, promise you won't be disapointed :)


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