Monday, November 15, 2010

What Good Is A Blog With No Pictures?

I've been working on my food photography lately after noticing that most of the food blogs I love the most seem to draw me in with their pictures. But somehow oddly I have been way too lazy to bother learning how to photograph what I cook so it doesn't just look like a pot of slop. The funny thing is, I used to take pictures all the time. Not of food usually but still I once had a reputation for getting the best looking pictures out of a cheap digital camera. 

After some googleing and tutorial reading I felt inspired enough to  noodle around this morning with some unfancy food items I had around the house.  These two pictures are the best out of the bunch so far.

Also yesterday I ran upon some Plantain chips at publix and had to try them, I would post a picture but I ate them all and empty chip bags aren't that photogenic. I loved them to say the least, they are pretty much just like french fry flavored potato chips if that makes any sense. I imagine your average potato chip aficionado wouldn't find them salty enough, however I've never been much for a salt lick so naturally I'm in love. I am now determined to make my own, or some version of it because I'm sure that something so wonderful and obscure will disappear the moment I am pining for it and I'll have no choice anyway. I've seen so many people lately buying plantains lately, and really it's driving me crazy. What do you do with them when you get home?!?!When I was growing up my dad was always trying to make fried plantains ( I guess he'd had some at some point in his youth) but he was never much of a cook so it usually turned into a kitchen filled with burnt grease and a failed experiment in the trash.I suspect I'll need some fancy ethnic techniques to manage whatever it is they are actually doing with those slimy things (ala fried green tomatoes)  luckily I have the internet. TO GOOGLE!


  1. Hey, I just found your blog and I find your food photography great! At least to me it looks really inspiring. After all, food photography is not very easy, I've seen sooo many disgusting shots of meal in my life, that I've been very skeptical about it. However, after looking at your pics I'm suddenly feeling cravings for some pasta with fresh basil=) Thanks for posting this!
    Kind wishes from Sweden,

  2. Well it sure looks delicious! :)


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