Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lazy Monday

 Taking it easy after the horrifically long black Friday weekend by expressing my independence and doing all the Christmas things I never did growing up.

 Like putting up the white Christmas tree I'd pined for since I was a kid and trimming up my whole house with ridiculously gaudy decorations. Before December 1st!(gasp!)

And I made Rice Krispy Treats ( okay so we did have those when I was growing up and I even made them like my mom with double the amount of gooey stuff so they stay good longer, not that that matters since that get eaten up sooner) with Kahlua and Coffee/ hot chocolate which I honestly think would have been better with Ovaltine. More news on that later . However as usual my booze fantasy was better in my mind than in reality and I got a bellyache instead of drunk. Mixed drinks are curious things.


Yes I have three trees in my house, yes I live in a one bedroom, and yes that's a fascinator from forever 21 as a tree topper. Ho ho ho


  1. What is the black spice-stuff on the krispies??

  2. It's red and green sprinkles...to make the season bright?

  3. Yeah, I forgot to enlarge the image, oops. Want.


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