Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"A Cake-y Weekend" or "My Favorite Tea is Theraflu"

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My adventures this week started out fairly well with a trip to the Ryman Auditorium to see Cake (the band not the pastry) which was amazing. They always put on an amazing show with a lot of audience participation which sounds cheezy but it's less like sing along time on the school bus and more like  giddy drunken karaoke which is pretty much always a crazy fun time. If you ever get the chance to see them live GO! Even if you don't know most of the songs. And the crowd they attract is really unpretentious and friendly and ready to have a good time (which I'll tell you is a rare find at a concert these days). AND since the Ryman is a big tourist spot we got to eat (pretty decent) hotdogs and beer during the show! (what?!) It was like being at a sporting event, minus the boring part!

  After the show we stayed the night in the city which turned out to be a good thing because it was snowing the whole time and the roads were super icy when the concert was over. The next morning we had the "Sunshine Breakfast" the motel served, which was largely carby and buffet style.  The best part I think was the coffee and the danish (though I'm 90% sure it was from a box) but I wasn't really expecting that much anyway. Somewhere along the way though I caught a cold (what?!) and ever since I got home I've been pretty much knocked out on Theraflu ( day time, night time, in a cup, in a vat) and having crazy LSD dreams. I have yet to cook, bake or dream up anything worthwhile this week which is probably for the best as long as I remain typhoid Mary. All I've really done in my waking hours is watch Ugly Betty on DVD and cry whenever America Ferrera does ( I have no idea why that girl tugs at my heart strings so much!Maybe it's the Theraflu) I've watched two straight seasons so far, and I'm starting up the third. It's like a really girly drinking game, only with crying instead of booze. What? That's not weird!

There's always tomorrow though, for dreams to come true....

Later interwebs!
Love, Betty....er... I mean uh, bye.

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