Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Blog post of 2011

Me: "mmmm braaains" and cousin Meg who was pretending I wasn't falling asleep and knocking her over
I'm pretty much still in recovery after a 48 hour stretch with no sleep and an ill conceived New Years road trip, where I decided it would be a brilliant idea to work all night, travel all day and get home just in time to head right back to work again. But I did manage to see my family although I was pretty much a zombie ( they looked lovely from what I remember) and I sampled a plateful of black eyed peas and collard greens (and the best strawberry cake ever! more on that later) so according to southern tradition even though I was hallucinating and delirious I still managed to cement a positive standing for my financial future which I hope means that Jan 1,2012 I'll be completely rested, eating black eyed peas on a cruise ship made of gold headed to the moon (you know, for the wensleydale).

Since my blog is still pretty much an infant I don't really have enough posts for a 2010 retrospective, at this point all I can really tell you are some of the things I hope for in the next year. Much like baby new year I'm still waking up and forming my list but here's what I have so far;

  • To work on  my on the road photo blogging skills. I seem to be okay with my cheapo deluxe camera and the natural lighting of my apartment but my restaurant and road trip photos definitely have room for improvement. I want to be all 'we went to "tidwinkle's" and had this delicious dish *insert lovely picture here*' and you drool with jealousy, instead of ' uh, I ate this dish that I swear was delicious, even though it looks in this picture like I through it in the floor and stepped on it in a fit of rage because it in fact was disgusting'
  • To learn about and celebrate more holidays and random traditions that are new to me. 2011 is totally my party year. One of the greatest things about the internet (and google translator) is the window into other cultures. I love learning about them and eating strange new food. It's like tasting an Atlas. Got any suggestions? Let me know in the comments or: withasideofdesiree[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • To visit at least five more Nashville Originals . Enjoy more of that small business local flava
  • And to start an herb garden so I don't have to skip recipes or get use my feminine wiles on the produce man because my local market is always low on basil, and other sneaky pearl wearing people get there before me
What are your new years resolutions?

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  1. Love your sweet blog. Resolutions? Need to figure it out soon. Hey, about trying new food and learning traditions or culture, just visit Indonesia. You won't regret it :) I can help you find the info.


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