Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Cha-cha-cha Chia!"

So remember in my new years post where I listed all the things I was going to do? Well it's January, snowy and generally unpleasant and my list up until now, has pretty much just stayed a list.

One thing I decided to make good on (since it's pretty much an indoor thing at this point) is starting my herb garden. I know it's the middle of winter but somewhere around my apartment I discovered that I still had a little Chia Herb Garden still in the box, that I requested as a Christmas present 4 years ago ( god knows why).
I remember though that I never did anything with it because I read the instructions and they talked about the watering daily, and later needing pots and soil and I decided it sounded like too much work. Yeah, you read that right. I just told you I once thought a Chia Herb Garden was too much work. Yes I have to live with that shame, it is my burden to bear. And not only that but yesterday when I went to try and man up to assemble this four year old (and potentially moldy) gem of Chia science, I found that like the mental case I am, I decided to leave the "soil sponges" and the little pots int the box and then scatter the seed packets in various junk piles around the house and lose them. So I'm sitting there looking at a box of tiny pots wondering what to do with myself. Should I give up again? Those tiny, snarky pots looked at me knowingly. So I did what I had to; I popped down to Walgreens and bought a new one.

 I discovered though when I got home that in the years between the purchase of my first and second herb garden, Chia I guess, came upon hard times and started putting three little pots in the box instead of four. WHAT?! C'mon! It didn't turn out to be a problem for me since I had a pot surplus ( don't repeat that phrase around any cops please) I just used my extras to plant the (always included) extra seed packets in the box (lest I lose them anyway). The only thing I didn't plant was marjoram, because I have yet to come across a recipe that called for it and there's only so much "warm space" on top of my fridge to incubate the seeds like they recommend.

into the pot

and hats go on!
They are super cute at this point, (but I'm always a sucker for anything mini),  but they're especially adorable with those plastic bags on the top to make tiny greenhouses( cause they're too small for a real one! ehe!). Lucky I didn't google around to find real  tiny greenhouses, I totally would have bought them and become the biggest dork ever. For now I'm happy to day dream that all will go well (nothing will die) and that one day I won't have to pay for basil anymore. What a magical day that will be...                                                                   

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  1. What a cute mini herb garden :) I've been trying to grow rosemary at home, but now as my second rosemary is dying, I'm thinking of giving up and starting to buy packaged herbs again. I'd like to blame it on the micro-climate in our apartment, but I'm afraid that's just me, the worst gardener in the world...


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