Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Blog Feature - Sunday Kind Of Love

I've been thinking a lot about inspiration lately. Part of the trouble with keeping up a blog for any length of time is keeping up your inspiration, and in these days with so many people with so many clever ideas it's easy to feel intimidated and crippled and like anything I do would seem in someway  like a rip off of... everyone. So what I like to do every now and then is take a step back from the millions of voices an opinions on one subject, and turn my attention to different forms of art to recharge my creative mojo.

A few months back I read an article on the benefits of memorizing and reciting poetry, and it reminded me of how as a result of a kind of old fashioned parenting, I had been encouraged to memorize poems as a child.
And even though it sounds like a tedious chore in a way, there was just something about memorizing  and reciting poems that just felt good, like the chanting and the repetition not only caused the actual emotion of the poem to take root in my heart, but like a paint brush had changed the colors of my mind from shades of grey to wild lime greens, pastels, and disco silvers that made me feel alive.

Inspiration comes when the brain lets go of the task at hand and focuses on something else entirely, and one of the best ways to release your brain is to focus on something emotional. For me memorizing and reciting poetry is a magnificent way to escape from the logical, analytical, rational mind space to the emotional, free-thinking creative mind.

I've decided to harness the creative energy this pastime provides, and I've created a new blog feature to appear every other Sunday, called Sunday Kind Of Love where I'll combine the poem that I'm memorizing with a dish or recipe it inspired. It won't always be an incredibly literal interpretation, I anticipate that most of the time it might seem a little abstract, but my aim is to convey to the emotion of the poem with a dish that I feel represents the same.

I'm starting this project out with my all time favorite poem, Pablo Neruda's Love Sonnet XII,  a poem that I've loved for years ( it's the reason the blog is named The Full Woman), though I've never taken the time before to memorize it.

I'm really excited to share this project with you and sort of mix things up on the blog a little.

See you Sunday.


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